Apoyo a los estudiantes extranjeros

A group of tutors helps students get an easy and quick start at the university and supervises all programmes taught in English. Students who wish can get a work permit to work outside of the university. There are on-campus and faculty job opportunities for full-time students.

La vida cotidiana de los estudiantes extranjeros

The university has a student housing complex comprised of several residential buildings, two of which are occupied strictly by international students. The dormitories are within walking distance from the departments located on campus.

Paid additional services are available in campus dormitories for foreign students: internet, student lounges, emergency medical center, sports facilities, self-service laundry, and a café.

Actividades deportivas y de ocio

The Institute has a variety of social activities to suit many different tastes – festivals «Golden Autumn», «The Day of Russian Language», «Birthday of A.S. Pushkin», «Maslenitsa» (Russian Pancake week), «The Small Olympic Games».

Sport represents a lively section of the social life on University campus. A swimming pool and a fitness center are available for students.

El empleo de extranjeros graduados

Most graduates find jobs in their field of studies. Most sought after majors in the job market today are construction engineering, nuclear power and technology, metallurgy, electronics and nanotechnology, machine building.