Apoyo a los estudiantes extranjeros

SUSU provides full support for international students over the duration of their education for everything related to everyday life, legal matters, and adaptation issues. A branch of the Association of Students from Different Countries operates at the university. Its main goal is to solve students’ problems with studies, leisure, medical institutions as well as legal and social issues.

La vida cotidiana de los estudiantes extranjeros

SUSU’s dormitory complex is rated among the best in Russia in terms of living conditions as well as cultural and sporting opportunities. The campus has 8 comfortable apartment-type dormitories equipped with everything to cater to the students’ household needs. One room is usually shared by two or three students. Each group of rooms has a bathroom. The campus also has canteens, shops, cafes, and hairdresser's parlors. The university’s academic buildings, swimming pool, and sports center and facilities are right next to a pine forest. This is very convenient for students, lecturers, and other staff of SUSU who love to go for a jog in the morning or in the evening, have a breath of fresh air, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. High quality medical care is provided at the university clinic and the "House of Health" specialized medical center. Both the university clinic and an additional medical center are also located close to the university.

Actividades deportivas y de ocio

SUSU boasts modern, superbly equipped professional sports facilities. Such facilities include a basketball court, volleyball court, wrestling courts, a weightlifting, boxing and kickboxing courts equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines, and 4 workout facilities. The university invites those who enjoy aerobics and shaping to the University Shaping Center and aerobics hall. SUSU is the only university in Chelyabinsk that has its own unique Olympic-size (50-meter long) swimming pool. The SUSU track-and-field stadium has a 200-meter track with special synthetic turf. When necessary, the center of the arena can be transformed into two tennis courts as well as a hockey rink with seats for the audience. Situated in the picturesque Southern Urals, on the banks of the Bolshoy Sunukul, are the university’s Nauka resort, the Olympus student recreation camp, where students have the opportunity to relax and improve their health, and Berezka ("Birch"), a camp for the children of faculty and staff.

The university has unique creative laboratories such as the University Hall of Arts, which regularly hosts exhibitions of artists from the Urals, other Russian regions, and foreign countries, the Student Broadcasting Company, the Center for Creativity and Leisure Activities, the Student Philharmonic, the Virtual Branch of the State Russian Museum, the Museum of the History of the South Ural State University and Russia, the Museum of Peoples and Technologies of the Urals, an exhibition center, an advertising technology training and business center, and many other facilities, each of which has some sort of interesting historical or cultural aspect. The SUSU Scientific Library is the most comprehensive academic university library in the region. The library’s collection includes 3 million items. Utilizing web-based technology, the library provides researchers and students with access to electronic catalogs, electronic editions of educational and methodical publications of SUSU as well as thesis abstracts. The SUSU Publishing Center has the most modern printing equipment available. Since 2002, the university has had a TV and radio training center. Since 2005, it has been home to a unique broadcasting company, the first of its kind in Russia, called SUSU-TV that is staffed exclusively with students. In 2006, the University launched its first online radio studio.

El empleo de extranjeros graduados

SUSU graduates are in great demand at world-class corporations such as Emerson, IBM, Knauf, and SMS Siemag.