first stage to be held from 15-18 December 2015, and the second stage in February 2016
The Olympiad is open for schoolchildren from grades 5-9 and 10-11. Subject of the Olympiad – history. The winners may be admitted to specialized departments for the Olympiad without additional tests.
first stage to be held from 5-20 December, and the second stage from 11-18 February 2016
"Top Standard" is a chance for subsidized enrollment in all Russian universities! The Olympiad is organized by the Higher School of Economics for schoolchildren of grades 7-11 both from Russia and the CIS, and the results remain valid for 4 years; participation is voluntary and totally free.
The Olympiad aims to find gifted students who have chosen law as their field of interest. The winners are granted benefits to enroll at MSLU and other universities of the country. An application must be completed to take part in the Olympiad; participation is free. The Olympiad results are valid for 4 years.
First stage: Russian language –11.22.2016, social sciences –11.29.2016, natural sciences (mathematics, physics) – 12.06.2016; second stage: Russian language – 02.28.2016, social sciences – 03.13.2016, natural sciences – 03.06.2016
The "Zvezda" Olympiad was established with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and aims to attract entrants who performed well on exams and at specialized contests to state-funded universities with technical majors. The Olympiad's organizers include 19 technical universities and some of Russia’s biggest employers. Participation is free and the results are valid for 4 years.
first stage to be held in December-January, and the second stage in March 2016
The Olympiad focuses on gifted entrants. It is held remotely, making it easy for schoolchildren from rural areas to participate. Participation is free and the results are valid for 1 year.