Big math workshop: take a step towards your dream career!

25 March 2021
Big math workshop: take a step towards your dream career!

The Big Mathematical Workshop is a large-scale event in the Novosibirsk science community available for everyone to take part in, talented high school students, young scientists with PhD degrees and world-renowned professors alike.

The event will run for two different weeks during the summer, July 12-17 and August 9-14, 2021. It will engulf five venues in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk and St. Petersburg and an online platform. The participants will include the Mathematical Center in Novosibirsk's Akademgorodok, the Euler International Mathematical Institute, the International Scientific and Methodological Center of the HSE University, the RNOMTs "Ural Mathematical Center", the RNOMTs of the Tomsk State University and leading Russian educational organizations such as NSU, NRU HSE, UrFU and TSU.

During the event, the projects that passed the competitive selection will be up for evaluation by participants. It will allow you to get the support of accomplished researchers during the event. You will get to know the leading representatives of Russian math schools, consider opportunities for further education for a bachelor's or PhD degrees, find a scientific advisor and a problem for your future thesis. All completed projects will go on for consideration of potential customers from leading Russian corporations. It's a unique opportunity to gain recognition in the scientific community and start a career in various fields ruled by math. You need to submit your project by April 12th.

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