ETU "LETI" helps foreign students adapt in St. Petersburg

11 October 2021
ETU "LETI" helps foreign students adapt in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU "LETI") has launched the Buddy Program, in which volunteers help foreign exchange students feel comfortable at the university and get to know Russia better.

Arriving in Russia, foreign exchange students find themselves in the world of Cyrillic and unfamiliar procedures. To adapt, they need help, and the Department of International Academic Mobility of ETU "LETI" launched the Buddy Program – a program of support to students from abroad by volunteer students.

An important aspect of the program is cultural adaptation. ETU students have arranged a sightseeing tour in the city center, trying to show parks, exhibitions and other places of attraction that may be of interest to guests of St. Petersburg, and are planning a trip to Tsarskoe Selo.

The volunteers have also figured out how to let foreigners experience Russian culture not only with their eyes: they plan to have an evening of Russian cuisine, and a 4-th year student of the Faculty of Computer Technology and Informatics has made a music playlist, so that foreign students do not have to listen to the chart leaders, but can choose original local music.

Source: press service of ETU "LETI"