Foreign students celebrate the New Year in Russia

23 December 2021
Foreign students celebrate the New Year in Russia

For many people, December is the time of preparations for the New Year, and for students it is also a period of getting ready for the exams. Along with test questions, students from other countries are studying Russian traditions.

Some foreign students have already got to know them, like, for example, Hao Zhang, who came to Russia from China. This New Year is going to be the 5-th that the young man has celebrated in Rostov. All these winter holidays he has spent at his friends’ places.

“In China, my parents and I cooked dumplings on the eve of the New Year. Then we had dinner and watched concerts. On the second day, we made noodles for breakfast, and in South China, many people make sweet dumplings. In the evening, we watched fireworks,” says Hao Zhang, a student at Southern Federal University.

Felix Padilla came to Rostov from Colombia.

“We have a Catholic country, we also meet, get together with the family, sometimes pray, have dinner, dance and wait for the New Year,” says Felix.

Patrick Phiri, an African student of SFedU, is also familiar with Russian traditions. In his country, it is also customary to celebrate the New Year with the family.

“Usually we pray at midnight and thank God for the fact that we live, and ask what we should do in the new year,” says Patrick.

Many students plan to meet the coming 2022 in Russia. Being from different countries, what unites them is their interest in Russian traditions.

Source: TV channel "DON 24".