HSE Summer University

01 September 2016
HSE Summer University

Graduates decide to continue studies in Russia

105 young gentlemen and ladies from 16 countries enrolled at Higher School of Economics Summer University this year. Classes were held both on the Moscow campus and in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Peterburg branches of HSE.

Almost half of HSE Summer University students are Koreans who came here as part of HSE’s academic collaboration program with Seoul universities. Some students from Norway and Germany received education grants from national agencies. Many others came to Russia on their own to have a first-hand impression of the university and learn new things.

Foreign bachelors, masters and post-graduates were invited to choose one out of 7 focus areas (last year HSE offered only four). Economics, Political Science, Cultural Studies and Russian Language were popular as usual; some students chose Mathematics and Computer Science. Importantly, students’ scores and credits will be recognized by their home universities.

Some of HSE Summer University graduates have already decided to continue their studies in Russia either through exchange programs or by enrolling in full-length courses.

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