International Polytechnic Summer School brought together 400 students from 14 countries

20 July 2022
International Polytechnic Summer School brought together 400 students from 14 countries

The International Polytechnic Summer School has started at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. This year it takes place online from July 4 to September 2 and covers 9 areas, including: engineering and natural sciences, information and digital technologies, civil engineering, energy technologies, economics, business and management, digital entrepreneurship, humanitarian science, Russian language and culture, as well as the Summer School for Young Scientists.

The total number of students at the International Polytechnic School has exceeded 400, most of them from China. Students from India, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Iran, Kazakhstan and other countries will also study at the Polytechnic University in the summer. The most popular areas for participants were programs in the field of IT, energy, engineering and natural sciences, Russian language and culture.

The flagship of the International Polytechnic Summer School is a program that the Polytechnic University implements jointly with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). Professors from two leading universities will give lectures as part of the Smart Manufacturing and Digital Future module. For foreign students, participation in the International Polytechnic Summer School is a good opportunity to gain additional knowledge and experience of studying in a foreign educational system. The online format is very convenient for them.

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University traditionally attracts a large number of foreign students from all over the world. Thus, out of almost 34 thousand students enrolled in basic educational programs, more than 5 thousand are citizens of China, the CIS countries, Latin America, the Middle East, African countries, etc. Among the most popular areas of training for foreign students are civil engineering, mechanical engineering, energy complex, intellectual and information systems, infocommunication technologies, innovative entrepreneurship, economics, management and linguistics. University preparation programs and Russian language programs are also popular.