International Students of LETI Made Friends with the Russian Winter

02 March 2017 International Students of LETI Made Friends with the Russian Winter © LETI

The University hosted a series of entertainment events under the general title "The First Winter in Russia".

Many foreign LETI students first appeared in our country in the winter and some even have never seen snow before, so the university staff decided to introduce them to traditional Russian winter entertainment. Several excursions were organized for students in St. Petersburg including the ice rink where students from hot countries first tried their hand at figure skating.

"Initially, I took skates that were too big and laced them weakly that's why it was uncomfortable to skate. After that I realized that you need to choose shoes for riding exactly the size and tighten it properly" – shared the impressions of Ali Mermul of Algeria. Students also went to the city of Pavlovsk, located near the northern capital. Here they went to a small ski trip in the woods, skated from the mountain on sledges and learned how to sculpt snowmen.

According to a student from China, Tana Golyan, he has never skied before since he has little snow in his native city, but he wanted to try for a long time. Therefore, I took part in a ski trip with pleasure. The final event was the concert "The First Winter in Russia". The students prepared the numbers themselves: Vietnamese and Indian songs were heard from the stage. "Artists" from Africa pleased their classmates with the performance of incendiary dances.

Performances alternated with sketches from the most "New Year" cartoon "Winter in Prostokvashino." In the finale of the holiday, students all danced together the Russian dance "Brook". According to one of the participants in the concert Karim Atto, he did not know that there were so many winter entertainments in Russia and they really liked him.


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