ITMO University Graduates Are Best Known Petersburgers

18 juin 2020
ITMO University Graduates Are Best Known Petersburgers
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Daniel Galper and Ilya Chekh have become laureates of the magazine prize.

The TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg prize has been awarded for the 15th time. Readers of a popular magazine in the city on the Neva voted for those who make our life better in various spheres such as fashion, science, arts, music etc. Two ITMO University alumni won the prize in the categories “Science and Life” and “Business.”

Daniel Galper (“Business” category) got a degree in information technology and programming from ITMO University in 2015. When he was a student, he started a business of his own; today, he runs an online food delivery service with annual turnover at 1.1 billion rubles.  

Ilya Chekh (“Science and Life” category) is a robotics engineer who graduated from ITMO University in 2013. He founded a company to design and manufacture user-friendly bionic prosthetic arms for children and adults.

Last year, the Best Known Petersburger rankings included ITMO University postgraduate programmer from Belarus Gennady Korotkevish, a winner of many international intellectual competitions.