MIPT Invites Applications for Master’s Online Courses

13 November 2017 MIPT Invites Applications for Master’s Online Courses © MIPT

Russian-speaking residents of any country are welcome to apply for the programme.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is launching online courses in higher mathematics to help prospective students prepare for enrolment in master's programmes at Russian engineering universities. The university has designed seven training modules overall. Mathematical Analysis (Part 1) and Analytical Geometry and Linear Algebra are currently available. Mathematical Analysis (Part 2), Differential Equations and Theory of Probability will be available from 1 December and Complex Variable Theory and Mathematical Physics Equations from 31 December.

Tuition mode: video lectures, thematic presentations and knowledge tests. The lecturers are leading MIPT teachers. Register on the university website to apply for the course and select one or several training modules.


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