MISIS Olympiad for CIS Applicants

09 September 2019
MISIS Olympiad for CIS Applicants

Registration is open till 30 September 2019.

It you seek a Russian university admission preference, don’t miss the Olympiad held by National University of Science and Technology MISIS. Commonwealth of Independent States schoolchildren in 7th - 11th grades are welcome. The academic competition covers such fields as IT, physics and chemistry and engineering and comprises two stages: the first will run on 1 - 31 October and the second on 1 - 30 November. In Russia, the venues are located at MISIS main building, Moscow, 4 Lenin Avenue and MISIS branches in Novotroitsk, Vyksa, Gubkin and Stary Oskol. The tests can also be taken in Tajikistan (Dushabe, 7 Nazarshoyev Street) and Uzbekistan (Almatyk, 56 Amir Temur Street). Olympiad participants are requested to register at the university website. All Olympiad problems are presented in Russian. The winners get ten extra points to the university entrance test score; the runners-up get seven extra points.

National University of Science and Technology MISIS is a Russian higher education centre which trains specialists in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, mining engineering, materials science, electric power engineering, information technology etc. MISIS education is popular with prospective CIS students. In 2019, as many as 581 students from near-abroad countries were admitted to the university, mostly Uzbek, Kazakh, Tajik and Kyrgyz nationals.

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