NUST MISIS awarded diplomas to international students

02 March 2021
NUST MISIS awarded diplomas to international students

Among the 300 graduates of the College of Mining at the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, 78 are from Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Zambia, Congo, etc. Every third of them graduated with honours.

Since 1918, NUST MISIS has certified more than 50,000 mining professionals. Nowadays, the university is ranked among the top-50 educational organizations globally in Mineral & Mining subject according to QS Engineering and offers various study profiles in 3 areas for bachelors, 6 for masters and 5 for PhDs. You can become an expert in almost any field: exploration, drilling, processing of minerals and the design of all the necessary platforms for these processes.

Institute graduates develop the global mining industry and receive job offers from leading industrial companies in Russia and the world, thanks to the high level of education and internships that all students take while still studying. They are involved in the geological exploration for oil and gas businesses, metro design, construction of bridges and skyscrapers, mechanical engineering and power grids.

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