RUDN Digital Preparatory Faculty: Learn Russian Online

16 June 2020
RUDN Digital Preparatory Faculty: Learn Russian Online
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Prospective international students can take online courses to prepare for RUDN admission tests.

Pre-university training in Russia is an advantage for foreigners who can take a preparatory course in order to enrol in a Russian-taught degree programme. This training used to be delivered onsite by RUDN’s Faculty of Russian language and General Educational Disciplines. In 2020, RUDN’s Digital Preparatory Faculty gives international students the opportunity to prepare for entrance exams online. 

Online classes will begin on 15 September. International students will study Russian and field-specific subjects which they need for further training in the chosen profession. Three options are available:

  • six-month intensive programme

  • ten-month standard programme

  • long-term programme (up to two years).

The programmes consist of the following modules: Russian language (designed for various proficiency levels), general subjects (eight options are offered depending on the field of study) and the scientific terms module. Each programme contains a culture studies course.

Curriculum includes independent work with interactive content, lectures via videoconference and individual practice with native speakers. Throughout training, each student gets consultations from a tutor who follows their progress and solves various technical or organisational issues. Students who successfully complete the Preparatory Faculty have the opportunity to enrol in bachelor’s, specialist or master’s degree programmes without additional entrance examinations and get a 10-percent discount on tuition fee.

To apply to RUDN, create a personal account and write to the university noting that you’re interested in Digital Preparatory Faculty.