Russian-Chinese Friendship at the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

05 October 2016
Russian-Chinese Friendship at the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

The university is strengthening its international partnerships.

International students from 115 countries study at the Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. The majority of them are from China. Going to another country is always difficult. You are far away from your family and friends, and have to adapt to a new climate, food, culture and norms…
It's easy to feel abashed. Russian students from SPbPU help their peers to overcome difficulties and to adapt to a new environment. They introduce Chinese students to Russian traditions, invite them to participate in concerts and conferences, show them around the city of Saint Petersburg, and organize excursions. 

Joint preparation for national holidays helps the Russians to learn about foreign culture and traditions as well. For example, in the middle of autumn the Chinese celebrate the Moon Festival. Everybody gathers around the table, eats sweet cakes, and makes wishes…

Students admit that they like to be part of the international community, it’s fun and interesting. By the way, the university infrastructure favours adaption: there is a Chinese kitchen at the university campus that cooks traditional meals.

The university top-management also collaborates with their colleagues from China. Recently, SPbPU's officials met Chinese technoparks representatives to discuss possible forms of cooperation and joint projects. SPbPU is also expanding outreach to Chinese partners and prospective students. In the beginning of 2016, the university opened its office in Shanghai to disseminate information about SPbPU’s education and to recruit Chinese students.

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