Russian Universities Are Available for Disabled People

22 August 2016
Russian Universities Are Available for Disabled People

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Caring for people with disabilities is an important component of the social policy of any developed country. Russia are among them. The program "Comfortable Environment" was launched in 2011. Its purpose is to improve the life conditions of people with disabilities. This also includes to the education sector. Not less than 10% of budget places in each university are allocated each year for people with special need who have successfully passed the exams. Some groups of disabled people receive social scholarships and free accommodation in a dormitory.

One of the major difficulties faced by disabled people all over the world, is problems with movement. Of course, this problem is not completely solved in all Russian universities, but part of them establish special wheelchair ramps and elevators. All new buildings on the territory of the universities are designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

For example, one of the most modern campuses in Russia, belonging to Far Eastern Federal University, was originally built to be convenient for students with limited mobility. Parking, elevators, escalators, toilets etc are also provided for persons with disabilities.

Many Russian universities equip classrooms and libraries, reading rooms and computer classes for disabled facilities, provide equipment for students with poor eyesight and hearing. Universities also create special versions of their websites for the visually impaired, publish information for students with disabilities in special sections.

Much attention is paid to medical support of students with disabilities, remedial gymnastic is available for them. Universities equipped gyms and playgrounds, where young people with disabilities can train. In addition, sections of the Paralympic sports are working, and regular sport competitions are provided.

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