Sechenov University Holds National Cultures Day

16 November 2018
Sechenov University Holds National Cultures Day

Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrein, Israel, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan etc represented their respective countries.

More than 150 students took part in the cross cultural event at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. They wore national clothes and reserved small spots on the campus to display national symbols. Guests were offered master classes in playing musical instruments and drawing as well as quizzes, prize drawing and games. Kazakhs showed how to play the dombra (a string instrument). Malaysians presented henna body art and their national game congkak. Congkak requires two players who use a wooden block with rows of circular holes and seeds for chips. The game is also popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand etc. Cultures Day ended with a show as students performed dances and comic scenes. Armenian students played the duduka (a wind musical instrument) and performed the national dance Berd (“fortress”).

International students lead an action-packed campus life at MSMU. They can join hobby groups, the theatre or choir societies, sport clubs or the volunteer centre. The university arranges many interesting events throughout the year.

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