SPbPU Intake 2019 Results

18 November 2019
SPbPU Intake 2019 Results

Prospective students from 120 countries entered the university.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University admitted more than 3,300 foreign nationals to degree and foundation programmes in 2019. A total of 923 students came from China making it the top origin country. As always, many first-years came from former Soviet republics such as Uzbekistan (196), Kazakhstan (113), Tajikistan (23) and Ukraine (17). North Africa and the Middle East were represented by students from Algeria (21), Egypt (11), Iraq (13), Iran (16) and Syria (9). SPbPU reported a larger number of students from European countries including Germany (23), France (13), Italy (13) and Spain (7); there are first-years from Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary. SPbPU also has nationals from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Vietnam among the first years. The most sought-after fields are civil engineering, informatics and computer science, thermal and heat power engineering, Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering and law.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is Russia’s oldest engineering university. SPbPU offers bachelor’s, specialist, master’s and postgraduate programmes. English medium programmes are available in such fields as nuclear power engineering, civil engineering, materials science and information technology. More information about the university is here.