Now Available in Spanish

23 December 2016 Now Available in Spanish

We’ve launched a Spanish language version of the website.

Spanish is the world’s third most prevalent langage, spoken by over 500 million people from 58 countries. The new language version should help dramatically expand the audience of designed to attract international students to Russian universities. official website has all the necessary information for foreigners about education in Russia: there is a step-by-step admission guide, detailed descriptions of over 3,400 programmes offered by the best russian state universities. You can use our search engeen to find degree programme (Bachelor, Specialist, Master, Post-graduate or Medical Residency) or additional course (summer/winter school, Russian language course, preparatory dep. etc.). Every programme description shows language of instruction, tuition fees and, most importantly, curator’s contacts.

Also prospective students can sign in for the website and send their applications directly to Russian universities. All universities selected will respond within 10 days.

There you can also learn about academic competitions for international students, English programmes at Russian universities, preparatory departments, Russian government scholarships, diploma legalization and execution of other documents. 

There is also useful information about life in Russia: prices, accomodation, climate, national traditions, cuisine, healthcare, student benefits and many other things. There are more than 160 international students testimonials, 2000 photos and 130 videos on the website.

Information is regularly updated and expanded. is available in four languages: Russian, Chinese, English and Spanish. A French version of the site will be added in early 2017.

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