TSU academic teaches Russian to Arizona students

08 September 2021
TSU academic teaches Russian to Arizona students

Academics of Tyumen State University actively popularize the Russian language and culture in other countries. At the end of August, a Russian language course started in Northern Arizona University (NAU).

As part of the course "I Travel Across Russia", Russian is studied by students of various departments. Among them there are linguists, physicists, biologists, chemists, and even future medical doctors. Representatives of the “Russky Mir” (“The Russian World”) foundation, who initiated this project, believe that this will help young Americans learn the basics of our mother tongue, and also get acquainted with the culture, geography and history of Russia.

“Here in Arizona, we are delighted to have this opportunity to learn Russian, – say NAU students. – Each of us has their own reasons for learning this language, but everyone can agree that it is wonderful. Many of us look forward to visiting Russia in the future. The country is beautiful, and learning a new culture along with the language gives us an insight into different parts of the world". 

The motivation of Arizona students is quite concrete. For example, the biologist Morgan dreams of coming to Russia one day to help preserve the Siberian tiger population. The parents of Elizabeth, a chemistry specialist, moved to the United States from the Soviet Union, so the girl speaks fluent Russian, but wants to learn how to read and write in it. As a psychologist, Dennis has a great wish to enjoy Russian movies, books, and video games in the original.

Source: Department of Strategic Communications of Tyumen State University