UrFU develops cognitive neuroscience together with international students

11 February 2021
UrFU develops cognitive neuroscience together with international students
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Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin is one of the most innovative cognitive neuroscience development centres in Russia.

The university has created an extensive scientific base of several own laboratories working in cognitive sciences. The Laboratory of Brain and Neurocognitive Development specializes in research of the human brain maturation and works on a unique methodology for early diagnosis of the developmental features of the psyche of the autism spectrum in children. The Laboratory of Neurotechnology has a more practical focus and allows students of all levels, together with educators, to conduct experiments in various areas of psychophysiology using modern equipment.

UrFU also actively cooperates with Russian neurosciences organizations in Moscow, Sochi, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg and international organizations in the UK, Sweden, USA, China, the Netherlands, Germany and Armenia.

The world of cognitive research is available to you too. Cognitive Neurosciences is an English-taught master programme available not only to professional psychologists and researchers but to specialists in related fields as well. The programme will allow you to acquire all the necessary competencies to work in cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychological diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Graduates of the programme note that studying at UrFU has become a unique experience allowing them to expand their boundaries, learn to think creatively and work with patients in correctional centres and university laboratories. In the future, they will start a career in research institutes, medical organizations and marketing agencies of the international level.

In addition to studying, educators and students from different countries also work on their projects. In early February 2021, the "Neurogymnastics for the Silver Age" project won the "Silver Archer" regional award. The programme was specifically developed for the older generation to maintain their psycho-emotional state and cognitive functions in isolation.

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