UrFU specialists will share their experience in studying well-being with foreign colleagues

05 August 2022
UrFU specialists will share their experience in studying well-being with foreign colleagues

Specialists of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU) with colleagues from the Kyrgyz National University named after. Zh. Balasagyn organize an international conference "Interdisciplinary approach to the study of human well-being." The event will take place on August 8-11 in Bishkek with the support of Bishkek State University named after K. Karasaev, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after. B. N. Yeltsin and the Bukhara Institute of Psychology and Foreign Languages.

UrFU psychologists will share their experience in studying social well-being and determining conditions for comfortable living with foreign colleagues, will hold master classes and round tables. In particular, they will discuss the development of resilience as a factor in maintaining psychological well-being, linguistic security, and problems of human well-being in a digital educational environment.

Research on the psychological and socio-cultural aspects of the well-being of a modern person is a hot topic that has no geographical boundaries and rigid disciplinary frameworks. This topic is one of the important areas of UrFU research within the framework of the Priority 2030 program,” explains Elvira Symanyuk, co-organizer of the conference, director of the Ural Institute for the Humanities of UrFU. — An international and interdisciplinary approach is extremely important for the effective disclosure of topics. Studying the level of human resilience to modern challenges, ways to maintain the psychological health of different categories of the population, minimizing the negative impact of the digital environment - all this requires a coordinated approach of humanities scientists from different countries.”

The conference will be attended by 54 researchers from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Spain and Bulgaria. They will consider aspects of well-being in different areas. For example, they will discuss the psychological well-being of the population in general and students in particular, student support measures, personality development factors, psychological well-being in old age, during a pandemic and in other stressful situations.