UrFU Winter Schools: Russian Language and Culture

01 November 2019
UrFU Winter Schools: Russian Language and Culture
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Short programmes for those who wish to know more about Russia.  

Ural Federal University offers three winter programmes under the “Russian Fresh” concept to foreign nationals. The programmes, tailored to proficiency levels from beginner to C2, differ in length, intensity and topics.

“Russian Studies in Real Russia” is the easiest and shortest course (30 or 40 hours or one or two weeks of interactive studies in groups of four to 12 students). Tours of Yekaterinburg and the Europe-Asia border are included. Tuition fee for a weeklong course from 3 February to 9 February 2020: 35,000 rubles; a two-week course (from 3 February to 16 February 2020) costs 65,000 rubles.

“Made in the 90s” and “The Russian Woman Is Russian Power” are for those who are eager to explore linguistic intricacies and cultural specifics of the Russian world. The first programme is focused on the period of history after the breakup of the former Soviet Union; the second is devoted to the woman’s role in Russian history, culture, politics and economy. The programmes, in addition to tours of Yekaterinburg, include trips to St Petersburg or Kazan, Russian language courses, games, films, lectures and discussions. Tuition fee for a 20-day programme (3 February – 23 February): 90,000 rubles (includes visa and registration support, transfer, training, acommodation, tours and cultural entertainment). Participants get 4 ECTS credits, an UrFU certificate and winter school memorabilia.

Application deadline: 3 December 2019. Create a personal account and write to Ural Federal University from our website naming the course in which you are interested.