What Is Important for Students Looking for a University

13 May 2016
What Is Important for Students Looking for a University

At the beginning of May, the editorial board of the website StudyinRussia.ru organized a survey among the followers of its social network groups.

Our subscribers were asked to answer the question “What is the most important factor for you when choosing a university or a major?”

According to the results, the most important factor is whether or not the future profession is in demand in the market (33.8% of respondents). The second most popular response was the prestige of the future profession (22.5%). And in third place – the students’ parents’ opinion – 19.7%.

Other important factors mentioned were: the reputation of a university, the language in which the lectures are delivered, the possibility of getting a government scholarship. Students are much less concerned with which exams you need to take to get accepted, how long the training will last, and what their friends might think of their choice. 

Check the instruction “5 steps to applying to a Russian university”.

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