Preparatory Department for International Applicants

Other types of training

You can be admitted to one of the four areas of studies offered by the Preparatory Department, depending on your future profession:
  • Medicine and Biology. Curriculum: Russian language, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, history;
  • Engineering and Technology. Aside from Russian language, students take mathematics, drawing, physics, chemistry and information science;
  • Humanities. Curriculum: Russian language, Russian literature, cultural studies, history, social science, geography;
  • Economics. Curriculum: Russian language, history, mathematics, social science, informatics, economic geography.

Tuition fee

Two semesters: 141,848 rubles (September 2020 – August 2021). Three semesters: 217,048 rubles (April 2021 – August 2022).  

Final examinations: Russian language, field-specific disciplines.  

Application deadline: three months before the expected date of the beginning of classes. 

Preparatory Department graduates applying for degree programmes take entrance examinations on equal terms with foreign nationals who did not apply for foundation training. 

Write to to learn details.