Student Successes

The creative teams established at FEFU – Talisman Band, Bravissimo, Chas Peak, and Confetti – are regular finalists of the All-Russian Student Spring Festival.

The FEFU chamber choir was awarded 5 medals at the World Choir Games (USA, 2012).

Famous Graduates

Ilya Zimin Noted Russian broadcast journalist. Winner of the TEFI national prize (2002) for Best Reporter.
Vladimir Sungorkin Editor-in-Chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda – one of Russia's top national publications.
Igor Pushkarev Politician and former senator. Mayor of Vladivostok since 2008.
Vladimir Mamontov Noted Russian journalist. President of the editorial board of Izvestya newspaper – one of Russia's top national publications.
Felix Azhimov Philosopher and lecturer. Author of over 50 research papers. The youngest Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy) in Russia. Head of the School of Humanities at FEFU.
Ilya Lagutenko Noted Russian rock musician and frontman of the band Mummy Troll. Visiting lecturer at FEFU.