Preparatory Department for International Applicants

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Pre-University Training Program

Beginning from 1979, the University has offered language courses to foreign nationals prior to their training on programmes of different levels. In 2004, it set up the Preparatory Department for international students which was reorganised to the Preparatory Faculty for foreign nationals in 2010. The Faculty provides pre-university training to foreign nationals who plan to enrol in undergraduate, specialist, masters or PhD programmes in the following fields:

  • Humanities (Russian, literature, history, social science);
  • Medicine and biology (Russian, physics, chemistry, biology);
  • Natural sciences (Russian, mathematics, physics, chemistry);
  • Engineering and technology (Russian, mathematics, physics, informatics);
  • Economics (Russian, mathematics, social science, history).

The program is designed for training international students with limited or no Russian language proficiency. Candidates are able to enroll in the preparatory course upon presenting proof of eligibility to enter a Russian higher education institution, including documentation of prior education. Namely, those applying for admission to a bachelor's, full-master's or specialist diploma program must secondary school certificates or their recognized equivalents entitling applicants for higher education. Those applying for admission to a master's program must their bachelor's certificates. Those applying for admission to a doctoral program must their master's certificates or specialist diplomas.

The preparatory program (30 ac. hours per week) corresponds to the state program of pre-university training and includes both Russian courses and training in basic disciplines such as mathematics, biology, chemistry etc. In case of successful completion of the program participants receive the state certificate of test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL-1 – first degree TORFL test or TORFL-2), which is a prerequisite for paid education at Russian universities, as well as a certificate from Kazan Federal University listing the courses and hours taken.

1 semester Pre-university training program in English
Program duration: 1 semester (04.02.2019 – 23.06.2019)
Program start date: February 4, 2019
Application deadline till: December 15, 2018
Complete course of pre-university training in English: 86 000 RUB

1,5 academic year Pre-university training
Program duration: 1,5 academic year (04.02.2019 – 30.06.2020)
Program start date: February 4
Application deadline till: December 15, 2018
Complete course of pre-university training: 56 000 RUB (Feb.4 – Jun. 30, 2019 + new price for 2019-2020 ac.year)

1 academic year Pre-university training
Program duration: 10 months
Program start date: September 1
Application deadline till: July 1, 2019
Complete course of pre-university training: 96 000 RUB

Prices include only tuition and/or administrative support. Accommodation and living expenses, insurance payments, and various registration and visa-related state fees, as well as possible bank commissions are not included.

Applications are submitted online here

We would like to inform you that invitation for obtaining a student visa for non-degree programs will be prepared only after the tuition fee prepayment is made by the student (full prepayment for 1-semester programs, prepayment for 1 semester for 1-year and 1,5-year programs).