Student Successes

MIPT graduates include two Nobel Prize winners, over 150 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, including the President and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, over 6000 Doctors of Sciences, and around 17,000 Candidates of Sciences.

Famous Graduates

Andre Geim Sir Andre is a Russian, Dutch and British physicist who became a 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics. In 2011 Queen Elizabeth II issued a decree awarding him with the title of Knight Bachelor for his services to science. He was also appointed Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2007 and Foreign Member of the US NAS in 2012.
Konstantin Novoselov Konstantin is a Russian and British physicist. He became a 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics and was appointed Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2007 and Foreign Member of the US NAS.
Serguei Beloussov Serguei is a businessman and a venture capitalist. He is the chairman of the board of the Parallels company, and at the same time he is the founder and CEO of Acronis.
Aleksandr Kaleri Aleksandr is a Russian cosmonaut, who made 5 flights lasting a total of 769 days.
Mikhail Lukin Mikhail is a Russian and American scientist in the field of theoretical and experimental physics, professor of physics at Harvard University. He is included in the list of the most cited scientists in the world and his h-index is 125.
Ratmir Timashev Ratimir is a Russian businessman, the founder of Aelita Software, the founder and president of Veelam Software co-founder of the ABRT Venture Fund and was one of top-30 leading Russian IT-businessmen by Forbes.
Aleksandr Serebrov Aleksandr is a Soviet cosmonaut. A hero of the USSR. He had been a record holder (up to 1997) for totalling more than 56 hours of flying time on board the Mir station and for the number of extra-vehicular activities (10 times).
Nikolay Storonsky Nikolay is a prominent businessman, CEO and the founder of Revolut, which is UK's most valuable fintech startup.
Vladimir Fortov Vladimir is a Soviet and Russian physicist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1991) and its former president (May 29, 2013 - March 23, 2017).
Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi Mohammad is a modern Iranian theoretical physicist, academician, scientist, professor emeritus of the Shahid Beheshti University, advisor to the head of the Center for Strategic Research of the Scientific and Technological Research Expediency Council and President of the Azad Islamic University
David Yang David is the founder and member of the board of directors of the ABBYY group of companies. He holds Doctoral degree in Physics and Mathematics. David is also known as laureate of the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology, restaurateur, innovator and a member of the Supervisory Board of MIPT as well.
Eldar Akhmetgaliev Eldar is the founder of a MOCAP Analytics startup, which is now one of the best in the world in data processing based on machine learning. He works in the US Silicon Valley.
Fr. Mesrop Aramian Fr. Mesrop is an Adviser to the President of the Republic of Armenia on Education, the founder and editor-in-chief of Vem spiritual and cultural radio station and co-founder (together with Phystech graduates of different years D. Yan, A. and D. Pakhchanyans) of the Ayb educational foundation.
Aram Pakhchanyan Aram is a Vice President of the ABBYY Group of Companies and co-founder of Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb School where he holds a position as a director. Aram was twice included in the rating of "Top-100 Russian Managers" by AMR and "Kommersant".
Tigran Shahverdyan international olympiads in physics and astronomy. He is well-known as a co-owner and executive director of RoboCV company, which is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation.
Stanislav Protasov Stanislav is a co-founder and senior vice president of software design and development at Acronis. He holds a Doctoral degree in physics and mathematics as well as 71 international patents. Stanislav is a co-author of container technology and one of the top CIOs by Kommersant.