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Year of foundation: 1940

Total students: 9 169 / International students: 378

Faculties: 16 / Departments: 65

Faculty: 695

Professors60 Associate Professors284 Doctors of Science121 Candidates of Science427 International faculty members23

Main educational programmes for prospective international students: 157

Bachelor's programme116 Master's programme36 Specialist programme5

Additional educational programmes for prospective international students: 21

Pre-university training programmes 5 Russian as a foreign language 1 Short term courses 15

Modes of study

  • Full-time
  • Extramural

PetrSU is the largest classical university in northwestern Russia.

The PetrSU campus has 13 academic buildings, a publishing house, a library with over 1.4 million books, a swimming pool and a Botanic garden.

Since 2012, the university has won seven national awards for state support of Russian universities.

Today PetrSU has:

  • 84 laboratories, development and project departments.
  • 27 innovative centres.
  • 28 small enterprises established by the university.
  • 2 Technoparks.
  • Linguistic Center.
  • 117 patents gained from the scientific research.
  • 4 Foreign Language Testing Centres (Russian, English, French, TORFL, TOEFL, TOLES, DELF).

Operating under the university, the Oxide Electronics research centre is a global leader in the field of development and creation of non-silicon micro- and nanoelectronic components and devices.

Petrozavodsk State University is a leader in training programmers. The technology for defining location of objects for enclosed rooms Real Trac developed at the university won first prize in an international competition of local positioning systems EvAAL-2013 (Spain).

The only university in Russia providing education in the Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish languages simultaneously.

Scientists of PetrSU discovered the minor planet Petrsu. PetrSU professor Alexander Megan is involved in the unique international experiment Mars-500.