Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies
The Institute trains specialists in the field of biology, biotechnology, ecology, livestock breeding and agronomy, as well as rare specialists in the field of trout breeding. The Institute has modern laboratories, biological stations, Botanical Garden. More than 70% of faculty members have an academic title. Students can take part in scientific expeditions to the North-West of Russia and attend special courses at leading universities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, etc.).
Institute of Economics and Law
Highly qualified economists, financiers and lawyers are needed in any industry, therefore the Institute of Economics and Law has always been popular with applicants.
The Institute cooperates with commercial organizations and government departments, where students do internships, lecturers have extensive practical work experience and use modern methods in organizing academic work. All the conditions for the occupation of scientific, project, social activities are in place.
Institute of Education and Phycology
Among the areas of training specialists there are such as "Pedagogical education", "Psychology", "Special defectological education", "Design", "Fine Arts and World artistic culture." The institute closely cooperates with educational institutions, from their freshman year students have different types of practice: pedagogical, psychodiagnostic, correctional, tutorial one. We provide opportunities for creative development: there is a pedagogical theater, a psychological and pedagogical festival and professional competitions are held regularly.
Institute of Foreign Languages
The Institute of Foreign Languages is the main center of professional training in the field of learning foreign languages and foreign cultures in Karelia. Most of the lecturers are Doctors and Candidates of Science, authors of popular textbooks and manuals. The Institute is also visited by the lecturers who are native speakers of the studied language. Students undergo international internships, participate in exchange programs. Practical classes are often held in language laboratories. The training uses modern technology and teaching methods, including distance courses. Graduates have a high level of language competence, so they are able to pass international exams without additional training and become competitive teachers, translators, specialists in the field of international relations and tourism.
Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences
The Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences trains specialists for enterprises of the construction and forestry complex, mechanical engineering, automobile transport, highways, the mining industry, and settlements improvement. Students undergo practical training and work experience internship in enterprises from the first courses of study, get acquainted with foreign technologies at lectures by scientists from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. The Institute has laboratories, training and production centers, an engineering park.
Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences
The Institute trains sought-after specialists in the field of history, political science, international relations, sociology and social work, as well as highly qualified teachers. The lecturers are well-known practitioners, experts in executive government agencies. Students undergo pedagogical, archival, museum, archaeological practice, participate in expeditions. There is a political club, which guests are prominent political and public figures.
Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
Petrozavodsk State University is the leader of the training of programmers. Students of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology annually win prizes at championships, conferences, exhibitions and competitions. The lecturers of the Institute are leading scientists in their field, and curricula provide for high-quality fundamental and practical training. Students practice in software development companies and in the IT-park of PetrSU. At the Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics the Creative Programmers Club was created, which is a launching pad for employment in the IT business.
Institute of Medicine
In the medical institute of PetrSU, students are trained in the specialties “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics” and “Pharmacy”. Practical training and placement are held at the clinical bases of the Institute and in the leading medical and preventive institutions of the region. The specialists of the Institute use innovative simulation technologies in the training: at the Unified Multifunctional Modular Training Center students acquire professional skills in close to real conditions. There is an opportunity to participate in conferences, demonstration operations, research activities of the laboratories, as well as to continue training in the university medical residency - all this provides a high level of training sufficient for independent work in any positions in the health system.
Institute of Philology
Thanks to large-scale research in linguistics and literary criticism, the Institute of Philology of PetrSU is well known in Russia and abroad. Students receive comprehensive in-depth training, study Russian and foreign literature, national and foreign languages, and philosophy. A large role is assigned to the training of journalists and PR-specialists, whom publications and television studios are happy to hire while they are still studying. The institute has a wide network of international contacts; therefore, students are trained in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Greece. There are several theater venues, a student newspaper, and regular language clubs.
Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism
he Institute is the main Karelian center for professional training of specialists in the field of physical education and sports, tourism and life safety. The lecturers are professors, associate professors, masters of sports, honored trainers, many courses are taught by the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Practical training takes place in the best educational organizations, travel companies and hotels of the republic. During their studies, students take part in the Universiades, travel to all-Russian and international competitions. The Institute has modern equipment that allows to conduct classes on the physiology of sports and sports medicine, to implement scientific and project activities in the field of adaptive physical culture.
Institute of Physics and Technology
The Institute trains specialists in the fields of energy, electronics, physics, computer science, and instrument engineering. Training takes place in new specialized buildings, equipped with the most modern equipment, under the guidance of leading scientists. There are many educational research laboratories at the Institute, among them, for example, an astronomical laboratory, there is a scientific and educational center, as well as the Nanocenter, which is the main center for the development of intelligent devices in the republic. Students undergo practical training in the municipal services of the city, in industrial enterprises, in educational institutions and, as a rule, are employed before the completion of training.