Student Successes

PetrSU graduates are winners of the open international competition of theses and projects among CIS country universities.

In 2015, 4 students from PetrSU were awarded Potanin Foundation scholarships

In 2014, 7 students from PetrSU were awarded scholarships of the President and Government of Russia.

Students of the PetrSU Department of Economics were winners of the all-Russian student academic competition in Banking.

The joint development (wood-cement material) of two students of PetrSU (one undergraduate and one postgraduate) was awarded the gold medal at the High Technologies – Innovations Investments (HI-TECH) exhibition in St. Petersburg (2015).

A student of the PetrSU Mathematics Department took second place in the international competition IT-planet 2014/15.

PetrSU Master's students were winners of the 8th International Competition in Information Technology IT-Planet 2014/15.

Sporting achievements:

  • 56 students received or confirmed their athletic title as a Candidate Master of Sports.
  • 32 students were given the rank of the Master of Sports.
  • Aleksandr Balandin took part in the Olympic Games in London (2012).
  • The graduate student Nadezhda Kotlyarova became the champion of Summer Universiade in Kazan (track and field athletics, 2013).
  • Vladislav Larin became the champion of Europe and the silver prize-winner of the European games in Baku (2015).
  • Natalya Dyachkova became the winner of the Russian Cup in Thai boxing (2015).
  • Elvin Mamedov (PetrSU graduate) became the prize-winner of Russian Fighting Sambo Championship.
  • Rashad Muradov (PetrSU graduate) is the champion of Russia and the prize-winner of the World Cup in fighting sambo.
  • Denis Bugakov became the winner of the World Karate Championship in Serbia (2012).
  • Angelina Demyanova is the Master of Sports, the silver prize-winner of the European Taekwondo Championship among students (2013).
  • Anastasia Lozhkina became the Master of Sports and the bronze prize-winner of the World Cup in taekwondo among students in China (2014).
  • Denis Grishman is the champion of Russia in sports orientation (2012).
  • Ekaterina Puline (the champion of Europe in taekwondo) ranked the World class Master of Sports (2015).
  • Alexander Kashirin is the world champion in armlifting (2015).
  • Alexey Lazarev is the Go game champion of Europe (2014).

Famous Graduates

Valery Shlyamin Russian statesman. Headed the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia (1994-2003). Trade representative of Russia in Finland since 2003.
Yuri Andropov Soviet statesman. Secretary General of CPSU. Headed the Committee of State Security (KGB) for 15 years.
Sergey Voenushkin Soviet statesman. Minister of the Building Materials Industry of the USSR in the period from 1985 to 1989.
Rashid Nurgaliev Russian statesman. He headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from 2004 to 2012. Candidate of Economic Sciences.
Robert Rozhdestvensky Noted Soviet poet. Author of over 70 poetry collections.
Sergey Orlov Famous Russian poet, published series of books about the war heroism during the Great Patriotic War. In 1941 he completed the first course of the Faculty of History and Philology.
Veniamin Kaganov Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the RF, graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in 1980.
Sergey Katanandov Karelian representative of the Federation Council, graduated from the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Construction in 1977.
Ivan Valentik Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the RF, graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1998.
Valentina Pivnenko State Duma Deputy of the RF, graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology in 1978.