Higher School of International Educational Programs

Higher School of International Educational Programs was established in 1996 and became an important structural unit focused on working with international students at Polytechnic University. School became a place where international students come to study at University Foundation Program of  SPbPU. After having courses of the Russian language and core subjects, international students can enter the University without any difficulties. We became a steady platform for more than 8000 students and helped them to make first steps in their career. Over the years of its activity the Institute has become a leader in the international education and international student training in St. Petersburg and the Northwest Region.

Higher School of International Educational Programs offers a lot of programs and courses for international students:

  • University Foundation Programs;

  • Educational modules for those who are going to improve Russian language skills;

  • Short-term International Educational Programs Russian Studies.

If you’d like to get insights and learn the Russian language, Russian literature, culture of Russia and St. Petersburg, specific features of communication and doing business in Russia you may take courses at Higher School of International Educational Programs at different time, choose a course with a suitable duration and starting date of classes suitable for you.

Convenient location of a five-minute walk from the metro station, comfortable dormitories close to Higher School of International Educational Programs and an opportunity to try different cuisine (Russian, European and Chinese) – all this makes it one of the most attractive institutes in Saint-Petersburg.

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Despite being a new organizational structure this institute has already made its conspicuous contribution into modernization of national production. Our activities are aimed at boosting competitiveness in the global market.

We see our main goal as development of skills and knowledge, and training highly qualified experts. We focus on the output that can secure solutions for intellectual challenges, development of new technologies, services and products, as well as companies involved in progressive industries of Russia.

The major division of the Institute is a Computer Engineering Center which is assigned for digital modeling, new materials development and additive manufacturing. And this makes it possible to target promising markets and take sustainable position. The Institute has been actively seeking to international partners to work on joint engineering projects aimed to develop progressive manufacturing technologies ensuring new level of quality.
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

The Institute traces its history back to the old Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of the Polytechnic University. The balance between the quality education and good research practice has become the priority for the educational process at the institute. This principle was pioneered by Dr. A.F. Ioffe – founder of the faculty of Physics and Mechanics.

The Institute is pinpointed on an adequate balance between the fundamental training in mathematics and mechanics and practical knowledge to improve experimental, computational, engineering, and computer competencies. This makes possible to fulfill such tasks as to develop competitive technologies and output , and to create advanced equipment as well.

Our graduates are able to define and produce a solution for applied and fundamental tasks in mathematics, physics, engineering, and economics. They are also trained as to become high-level developers in IT and software.

Institute of Biomedical Systems and Technologies
The institute priorities are biomedicine and engineering. The principal areas of study are biomedical systems and technologies, technical physics and instrumentation engineering. Graduates can pursue careers in biomedical innovations, biomedical engineering, medical supplies shipping. Up until now some of the jobs have not even been thought to exist in the near future. Among them, medical physics which focuses on planning surgeries in cancer treatment, and new medical services employing the Internet of things and digital modelling.

The institute involves academic departments and research centers which are headed by the renowned scientists, such as Sukhorukov G.B. (h-index – 87), Bezprozvanny I.B. (h-index – 55), Severinov K.B. (h-index – 51), Yudin V.E. (h-index – 16). The institute can boast partnership with companies around the world which allows for students’ practice outside Russia and helps land a job anywhere in the world later on. Their employers are the highly-regarded research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical organizations.
Institute of Civil Engineering
Lots of applicants from both Saint-Petersburg and the Russian Federation are trying to do their best to enter the Institute of Civil Engineering for the purposes of getting worthy and relevant higher education in such an area of expertise Building and Construction.

Our Institute has been going ahead for already three years in terms of applicants’ enrollment. Driving activity of the Institute captures the image of SPbPU as the first place to enter when reasoning about engineering professions. Besides a large range of Bachelor’s, Specialist’s Master’s degree programs in Russian the Institute of Civil Engineering is welcoming all the students who are willing to boost international engineering career and is offering Master’s degree programs, which are taught in English and very popular among students.

While studies our students are offered to go for a semester to any of our partner-university abroad, mainly in Europe. On top of that the most conspicuous feature about education at the Institute is an opportunity to be enrolled for a highly sought-after Bachelor’s program Industrial and Civil Engineering. It is the double-degree programme which went through international accreditation. This programme is run in accordance with international standards and ensures high quality of education and significantly helps our graduates to become truly competitive on the labor market.
Institute of Computer Science and Technology

The Institute’s activity is targeted at bringing together engineering and information technologies. Analyzing the market trends and demand for experts we provide training in the most promising fundamental and applied areas of computer science:

  • software engineering;

  • control, engineering and computer technologies design;

  • сyber security;

  • сyberphysical systems, “internet of things”, and robotics;

  • highly efficient methods of computing based on “Big Data” and “Cloud Computing”;

  • brand-new computing technologies and quantum informatics.

Our students are involved in the scientific research and practice at specialized training centers and well-equipped laboratories. All this inevitably assures their professional development. It has become a common practice for our students to be awarded with grants, diplomas. Our students are often seen as Top-3 prize winners at local and national contests.

Evidently, our remarkable feature which enables us to stand out among other universities is management of our brand-new  supercomputer center which objective is to push for progress and secure solutions for the  issues associated with challenges of modern society and real-life environment.

Institute of Energy and Transport Systems

Two progressive faculties with long history – Electromechanical and Power Engineering – form the backbone of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems.

Its success stems from the proficiency of its academic staff and long-standing teaching traditions. Developing energy industry, electrotechnics, hydraulics and defense industry of Russia, scientists and graduates of these faculties have immensely contributed and reached considerable results.

If you’re thinking to grow into a professional in such areas of expertise as maintenance service of multi-purpose electrotechnic, electromechanic, and electrophysical equipment, power control, transmission and distribution of power, our institute could become a perfect step on your way to pursue a successful career. We train highly qualified experts in electrical and heat engineering and transport machine-building as well.

Lots of our graduates work for such world-renowned companies as Gasprom, Lenenergo, Roskosmos, Rosatom, Rusgidro, TGK, FSK and many others.

Institute of Humanities

The Institute of Humanities following its reach development track was founded in the Polytechnic University more than twenty five years ago. The Institute of Humanities provides all the university’s organizational units (institutes) with training and courses of the major foreign languages. Besides linguistic sciences the institute offers higher education programs in humanities, sociology and economics.

We are proud of our graduates, who are highly sought after by employment agencies due to professional knowledge and competences acquired at the Institute in the following areas of proficiency: international and regional studies, linguistic sciences, PR and advertising, legal studies, publishing, pedagogical and psychological studies.

Our studies are backed by innovative educational techniques. We also invite international professors and educators to deliver the lectures. The study syllabuses meet all the requirements to secure high-standard internationally recognized education and give the real-life knowledge in demand.

Over many years the Institute has been developing partnership with leading world universities. Due to sensible internalization strategy of Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University our students are offered to get studies and internships abroad thanks to availability of varied exchange programs and international summer and winter school modules. 

Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade

Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade is one of the most prestigious and recognized institutions of Saint-Petersburg. Joining the Institute is the first steady step to ensure success of your educational track and expertise. 

We’re welcoming everyone to get superior education and expert practice in numerous fields of study: for Bachelor’s level – 70, and for Master’s level – 90. Students can gain advanced skills and relevant proficiency in the sphere of Economics, Management, Finance and Investment, Management of Industrial Enterprises and Businesses.

One of the core components of our students’ educational tracks is to undertake internships in leading companies and obtain pertinent experience. After getting essential background a lot of our graduates are employed in well-known international companies.

We are welcoming all the international students who’re willing to enter our Master's degree programs in English. Besides, we run double degree programs in cooperation with partner universities, which are in high demand among international students. The peculiarity of these programs is academic mobility option to go through studies abroad and getting 2 diplomas simultaneously. All this creates a range of opportunities for self-development in cross-cultural environment. 

Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport

Keeping pace with real life it is hardly possible to get the  right picture of the world without advanced technologies in material science and mechanical engineering. The institute provides training of professionals, who are highly sought after by employers, in a range of proficiency areas such as:

  • materials and technologies of foundry engineering,

  • computer technologies in mechanical engineering,

  • metallurgical technologies,

  • welding and laser technologies,

  • basics of design engineering and machine science,

  • engineering drawing and design,

  • mechatronics and robotics,

  • transport and manufacturing systems,

  • technologies and material analysis.

Over the years our students have all the resources and facilities to do research and experiments, develop new materials and technologies in state-of-the-art Science and Education centers. Our students are bound to go through studies of computer modeling assigned for technological processes and engineering design using virtual reality technologies. We ensure our listeners with must-have internships in R&D and S&E centers of SPbPU.

Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications
The Institute is proud of being scientifically supervised by Zhores Alferov. He is a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics and the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Combination of two essential components – up-to-date educational tracks and real-life scientific activity – made it possible to gain the stable image of and advanced institute of physics, nanotechnologies and telecommunications.

The major challenge of our Institute is to train experts with high-level knowledge and practical skills in the following fields of studies: physics, technical physics, radiotechnics, electronics and nanoelcetronics, information technologies and communication systems. All this makes it possible for our graduates to be hired for large and sustainable international companies.

Over the years we’ve been cooperating with more than twenty leading partner-universities and we provide our students and our institute’s employees with annual internships abroad.