International Students Dormitories

Is there a dormitory for international students at the university? Dormitories of precast and corridor types for both Russian and international students.
Is the dormitory far from academic buildings? The academic buildings can be reached on foot (within the radius of 200 meters).
How many people live in one room? 2-4 people.
Where are the facilities situated (shower, WC)? The shower and lavatory are in the block or the corridor. It depends on the type of the dormitory.
Where is the kitchen situated? Is it equipped with home appliances and utensils 1-2 kitchens are situated on every floor of the dormitory.
What does university provide for students when they move in? On checking-in the students get bed-clothes, the rooms are supplied with all necessary furniture.
Is there Wi-Fi at the dormitory? The wired Internet connection is provided; its cost is 300 roubles per month.
Does the dorm building have additional facilities? There are free gyms, lounges, laundries in the dormitories. Cafes and canteens are with reasonable prices.
What is the monthly fee for dormitory? The cost of dwelling is 600 roubles per month.