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Year of foundation: 1916

Total students: 26 125 / International students: 1 064

Faculties: 18 / Departments: 250

Faculty: 1 330

Professors190 Associate Professors645 Doctors of Science273 Candidates of Science856 International faculty members4

Main educational programmes for prospective international students: 372

Bachelor's programme135 Master's programme150 Specialist programme19 Training of highest qualification personnel68

Additional educational programmes for prospective international students: 17

Pre-university training programmes 2 Russian as a foreign language 10 Short term courses 3 Other programmes 2
  • Megagrants under supervision of leading researchers: 7
  • International laboratories and research centres: 27
  • Supercomputer "Lobachevsky" (the 24th Among the World's University-based Supercomputers): 1
  • Patents: 64
  • Small innovative enterprises: 23
  • Media Centre: 1
  • Research Botanical Garden: 1
  • Student summer camp/resort: 2

National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) was established in 1916. In 1918 it became the first State Higher Educational Institution of Soviet Russia. In 1956 the University was named after the great Russian mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky. UNN is one of the leading classical research universities in Russia and the winner of all the major recent Russian higher education competitive programmes. In 2009, the Russian Government awarded the University with the honored status of National Research University. Today, Lobachevsky University provides quality education to over 25000 undergraduate and graduate students and 1000 postgraduates. The University teaching staff comprises over 900 Candidates of Sciences (PhDs) and over 300 Doctors of Sciences. International students from more than 85 countries choose UNN. Lobachevsky University is actively involved in cooperation with more than 100 foreign partner institutions, it has won many international awards and works in close connection with various Russian and foreign companies (INTEL, MICROSOFT, NVIDIA, CISCO SYSTEMS, YAZAKI, SBERBANK).

The University is a member of the Association of Russian Leading Universities and European University Association (EUA). UNN is ranked 20th among CIS & Baltic universities, 85th by the QS World University Ranking BRICS, and has five QS Stars for Excellence in Teaching, Employability, Innovation, and Facilities. Lobachevsky University is one of only 14 Russian universities awarded in 2013 with a prestigious grant of the Government of the Russian Federation to implement the Leading Universities International Competitiveness Enhancement Programme. In 2012, Lobachevsky University became the first in modern Russia to open a unique scientific department: the Research Institute for the Study of Life Systems. This opened a new stage in the development of high biomedical technology at the university. In 2015, the third SPF vivarium in Russia was opened, designated for the carrying out of unique research of schizophrenia, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2014, the newest computational cluster “Lobachevsky” with a peak performance of 570 Tflops, was put into operation. The supercomputer is ranked third in Russia and makes the 24th place among the most powerful supercomputers in universities around the world. Currently, Lobachevsky University is working on the creation of a large biomedical cluster, combining educational, research, and innovative components. The opening of the cluster is scheduled for 2016 - the hundredth anniversary of the University.