Successful career in nuclear energy with a MEPhI diploma

24 February 2021
Successful career in nuclear energy with a MEPhI diploma

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is one of the key educational centres for training highly qualified energy specialists in Russia and the world. The university is especially popular among international students. Today, more than 1000 people from different countries are studying at MEPhI.

On February 16, the university held online graduation. Seventy-four students from the Republic of Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia and Turkey received their diplomas. Eight of them graduated with honours. These students chose some of the most high-tech programmes MEPhI had to offer: Designing and operation of nuclear power plants, Monitoring and control systems for nuclear power plants, Radiation safety of nuclear power plants, and others.

MEPhI diploma in atomic energy can open significant career opportunities in private and state corporations, nuclear and non-nuclear power plants, and strategic facilities globally. For more than ten years, following an intergovernmental agreement signed by Turkey and Russia, the university has been training nuclear engineers for the future Akkuyu power plant in southern Turkey. Most of the graduates have already received job offers from the plant. First, they will have to manage the technical documentation, and after successful internships at Russian NPPs, they will be able to move on to work at the main Akkuyu facilities.

You can choose one of the 200 MEPhI programmes on our website and send your application for free. Enter one of the leading nuclear universities in the world to start your career in atomic power!

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