Hurry to apply for the SPbPU course on artificial intelligence

02 October 2020
Hurry to apply for the SPbPU course on artificial intelligence

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University invites you to take part in the new online course on Artificial Intelligence in English for all levels starting November 16 to 22. This program will be of interest to a wide range of students in various fields. Registration has already opened. Apply now!

The course is available for everyone interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, tools and principles for its application in various industries. To participate, you only need initial knowledge of the subject, proficiency in English and a strong interest in the field of AI.

In this course, you will learn:
  • Meaning of AI terminology (computer vision, data science, machine learning, deep learning, etc.);
  • Historical review of the AI area;
  • Review of modern AI applications and approaches;
  • Disciplines about AI;
  • ML and Data science project workflow;
  • Review of Technical tools and platforms for AI;
  • Review of Neural Network;
  • Basic ideas behind Supervised and Unsupervised learning.

In addition to studying there'll be active online communication with other participants from all over the world and many exciting events. You can take an Online Interactive Campus Tour with international buddies and participate in the Online Pub Quiz on Russian history and culture. So it will be not only interesting but also fun!

This program is a good start for everyone interested in advancing in this field further and is getting ready for the course Machine Learning: Theory and Application during the upcoming SPbPU winter school.

Participation fee is € 160. Participants will receive a certificate and awarded 2 ECTS credits.

Daily developments in the area of artificial intelligence affect more areas of our life. SPbPU and many other Russian universities offer various study programs to introduce you to this advancing field. Choose a course that suits you best and dive into one of the most amazing scientific disciplines in the world!
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