27 September 2019
IKBFU Intake 2019 Results

The University admitted students from 28 countries.

In 2019, 250 international students enrolled at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University; of those 124 were admitted to undergraduate programmes, 85 to specialist programmes, 28 to masters programmes, eight to PhD programmes and six to medical residency programmes. The bulk of students came from former Soviet republics: Uzbekistan (52), Kazakhstan (48), Latvia (18), Kyrgyzstan (11), Lithuania (8), Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Forty-six students came from India. Other origin countries included Brazil, China, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Costa Rica, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Syria, Sweden and Japan. Medicine was the most popular field as 86 students enrolled in General Medicine. Many chose Jurisprudence, Transport Process Technology, Economics, Pedagogy and Linguistics. The first-years have already attended the guidance event “We Start Together” at which University staff briefed them on student life in Kaliningrad, sport clubs, art workshops and dormitories, and answered question concerning registration in Russia, visa extension and medical insurance. Classes will begin on 1 October.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is a modern Russian university located in Kaliningrad in Russia’s westernmost region. More than 120 degree programmes are available to international applicants in Clinical Medicine, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Pedagogy, Jurisprudence, Philology etc. Tuition fees range from 140,000 rubles to 220,000 rubles a year ($2,2154 to $3,385).
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