International Student Festival at SPbPU

07 December 2017
International Student Festival at SPbPU

More than 600 international students from 13 universities of St Petersburg took part in the fiesta.

Fifteen teams and individuals representing Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Mongolia, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other countries gave a spectacular sing and dance performance on the stage of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Concert Hall.

ITMO University student Yue Zibo from China performed “Waiting” in his native language winning the song contest. In dance category, the jury awarded top ranking to Chinese students from Herzen State Pedagogical University for “Thai Rain”. Kazakh students Kanybek Akezhan and Daulet Zhiger from Budyonny Military Academy of Communications were best in instrumental music category playing an energetic piece on a two-string dombra. Viewers prize went to students from Jordan and Palestine for the Dabke dance. A diploma and gift-giving ceremony wrapped up the festival.

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