MISIS Student from Vietnam Is Best

18 February 2020
MISIS Student from Vietnam Is Best

Pham Xuan Long won the International Russian Language Olympiad.

The Russian Education Ministry and Saint Petersburg State University held an online academic competition in “Russian as a foreign language.” The objective was to support and promote the interest in the Russian culture and language among young people abroad. The competition comprised two rounds; the problems were quite challenging. As many as 7,199 people from 131 countries participated in the elimination round; they had to show excllent knowledge of all aspects of the Russian languages such as vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Vietnamese student Pham Xuan Long from the Moscow-based National University of Science and Technology MISIS was announced the winner. He is a fourth year student on the undergraduate programme Automation of Technological Processes and Production. He likes studying Russian, physics and electrical engineering; he’s praised by teachers and his classmates say that he’s always ready to help.

Russian is spoken by 260 million people; it is the second most used language on the web. See our recommendations on how to learn Russian.
Хуваалцана уу