Moscow Universities Returning to Normal

13 July 2020
Moscow Universities Returning to Normal

Higher education centres in the Russian capital reopened campuses.

Russian cities are recovering from the pandemic; a phased process of lifting restrictions is underway; for example, Moscow cancelled outdoor mask requirements on 13 July and universities and schools stopped mandatory online instruction. Prospective students henceforth can come to the university in person to submit their documents and take entrance tests. The Unified State Exam for schoolchildren is held at schools. Of course, necessary precautions are still observed: examinations room are sanitised and aired and regular full scale cleanings are carried out.

Due to the fact that Russian borders are closed, international students continue to apply to Russian universities and take entrance examinations online. Universities plan to begin on-campus training in the new academic year on 1 September, as usual. If air travel between Russia and other countries has not resumed by that time, Russian universities promise to teach foreigners online until the world’s epidemiological situation stabilises.

If you want to become a Russian university student, create a personal account and send your application to the international department of one or several universtities: you’ll get a reply within ten workdays.

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