Nizhny Novgorod in Top 100 Safe Cities

07 August 2020
Nizhny Novgorod in Top 100 Safe Cities

Some 5,000 international students live and study there.

Numbeo database experts assess cities across the world semiannually to present Safety Index by City. The latest rankings included five Russian cities; Nizhny Novgorod leads the Russian league at 83rd place, followed by St Petersburg (161st), Moscow (167th), Yekaterinburg (238th) and Novosibirsk (240th). It is not the first time Nizhny Novgorod appears in Numbeo’s safety index while keeping ahead of such world cities as London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Jerusalem etc.

Nizhny Novgorod is an old city which will mark its 800th anniversary next year. It is located 400 kilometres from Moscow at the confluence of two large rivers, the Oka and the Volga. The elevated embankment provides a beautiful vista. Many old buildings, including a 15th century fortress (Kremlin) have survived to this day. The city hosts more than 20 higher education centres that train Russian and international students. Lobachevsky University is one of the best known universities. If offers international applicants more than 350 degree programmes in various fields, from archaeology to medicine. Read more about the university here.

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