Polytech graduates from Turkey will start working at Akkuyu NPP

16 July 2021
Polytech graduates from Turkey will start working at Akkuyu NPP

Graduation ceremony for the Masters who will start work at the first nuclear power plant in Turkey "Akkuyu" was held Graduates at the Polytechnic University (SPbPU). In 2019, twenty four Turkish students came to study in SPbPU at and learn Russian language. This was required in order to become in-demand specialists at the nuclear power plant in the Mersin province .

Turkey is implementing the Akkuyu nuclear power plant construction project together with Russia. The nuclear power plant will consist of four power units with reactors with a total capacity of 4,800 Megawatts. This power can fully provide Istanbul with energy, where over 15 million people live and work.

According to Elif Bashak GUNAY, one of the SPbPU graduates, she wanted to contribute to the development of her country's energy independence. In order to become an expert in the field of nuclear energy, Elif chose the Polytechnic University, which she considers to be one of the best in the industry. She had the only best memories of the SPbPU!

For many graduates it was important that the university they chose to cooperate with Akkuyu. For example - for Serai KYUPCHUOGLU. Serai was lucky to get the knowledge and experience of Russian teachers, as well as walk along the historical corridors of the Polytech's main building and attend magnificent concerts in the White Hall. "I believe I will never forget this!" - says Serai.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) offers foreign applicants about 400 educational programs. You can choose a program and submit application here: https://www.spbstu.ru/abit/bachelor/

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