15 May 2020
Post-COVID Professions
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The professions you can learn now in order to be in-demand after the crisis.

The coronavirus epidemic not only kills people and harms their health, it also reconfigures the established labour market. It collapsed whole industries, previously successful and profitable. The crisis hit transportation by air, rail and road. The hospitality industry – hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and entertainment infrastructure – were hit hard as well. Promoters, marketing experts, mass media personnel and event organisers were suspended. What professions do we have to choose now in order not to lose our jobs in four to six years?

Professions that will be in demand on the labour market: 

Doctors: especially those who will treat patients with complications caused by coronavirus. Of course, the salaries of microbiologists and virologists on whom the humanity pins its hope will increase. Their efforts are crucial in developing an effective vaccine against the most dangerous virus.

IT specialists: Massive use of online resources will increase the demand – high as it is – for programmers, system architects, sysadmins and analysts. Web and graphic designers will be needed as well.

Online marketing experts (SEO specialists, SMM managers and targetologists) have always been and will be in demand on the labour market.

Anti-crisis managers: they have the competencies to re-configure a crisis-hit business and provide it with a new development vector.

HR-specialists: they can reshuffle the company workforce by laying off non-essential employees and hiring new ones who are needed in the digital era.   

Digital transformation of the economy is not possible without BigData specialists.  

Online retail and logistics will be understaffed for years, lacking skilled online shop managers, logistics specialists etc. 

State-owned Russian universities train specialists in the most sought-after professions in the labour market. Use our search tool to find the appropriate programme. Create a personal account and send the application to the university you have chosen.

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