Professions of the future: Russian universities offer new master’s programs

06 May 2022
Professions of the future: Russian universities offer new master’s programs

Russian universities participating in the Priority 2030 federal program throughout the year have been actively transforming their educational programs. Today you can choose a master’s program that can give you a true job of the future! Environmental safety engineers, machine learning specialists, developers of transport intelligent systems ― all these and many other areas will be available to applicants as early as in the next academic year. Admissions are open!

In 2022, ITMO University launches a master's program in Deep Learning and Generative Artificial Intelligence. At this course, the university is going to train specialists who will be able to develop and research cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence systems. The graduates could apply for the positions of ML/AI researchers and ML/AI research engineers in large technology companies.

This year, ITMO University and Napoleon IT have also launched a master's program for Machine Learning Engineers. For the first time in Russia, training is organized in the format of a distributed project office and will be blended into the actual work processes of IT companies. The new format of master's programs with zero adaptation time for graduates has been developed on the basis of the AI ​​Talent Hub as part of the ITMO Development Program ― 2030. Students are going to implement projects aimed at developing artificial intelligence systems. The course’s results are expected to be working software services that meet all requirements of the customer. Most of the training will be done online, but the program also includes offline project work.

Tyumen State University is going to train undergraduates in the field of Artificial Intelligence Engineering. This educational program has been designed to educate engineers capable of developing applied artificial intelligence systems for various areas. An artificial intelligence engineer is a multidisciplinary specialist familiar with both machine learning, and software engineering methods and tools necessary for the effective implementation of projects in the field of end-to-end technologies of the digital economy. The program has been prepared jointly with Ural Federal University in accordance with the objectives of the national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence.

The program’s peculiarity is that it can be joined by both bachelors and specialists in the field of information technology and programming, and also bachelors in such areas as management, economics, etc.

And Russian University of Transport (RUT MIIT), another participant of the Priority 2030 federal program, is going to launch a master's program in Neurotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for Transport and Logistics. This program will train unique specialists with the full range of competencies in the development of intelligent systems in transport, from the formation and coordination of the customer’s requirements to the deployment of the final product at the customer’s location.

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