It Education In Russia

It Education In Russia

What IT for you? For us, it's in-demand specialists confident in their future. We live in a time of rapid technological development so it is almost impossible to name an area where these specialists are not involved. Medicine, logistics or education – everything we use daily.

Russian universities that train IT specialists offer internships in leading international organisations. After such an internship, there'll be no need to figure out how to fill your resume as employers will headhunt you themselves. Besides, according to a new law, international students now have a right to work in Russia while studying. More information about the rules of employment of international students can be found here.

Graduates of Russian universities are valued all over the world and hold high-paying positions as developers, web designers, cryptographers, testers, and information security engineers. Starting in 2020, international specialists who graduated from Russian educational institutions and have officially worked for three years in the Russian Federation can apply for citizenship.

But where to get the best diploma? First, consider traditional technical universities with powerful scientific potential and a large scientific base.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, known for its strong technical base, invites applicants to enrol in a bachelor's degree programme in Computer Science. Here you can study the architecture of general and specialized computing systems, programming languages, and system software. The university also has a postgraduate programme in Computing Machines, Complexes and Computer Networks. Dive deep into applied mathematics and computer science, systems analysis and management, computer science and computing, computer security, and other disciplines.

Bachelor and master graduates can continue their education in PhD studies. For example, the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” offers the Computer and Information Sciences programme. The main goal of it is to form graduates with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the functioning of information and computing systems, computer networks, methods of data collection and analysis.

One of the best technical universities in Russia, the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, has launched a new programme in Intelligent Systems for Data Processing. It will train professionals especially popular in the context of global digitalization in all spheres of the economy and the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies. Students will learn to use network technologies, cloud systems, regression analysis and neural networks, intelligent systems and machine learning algorithms to create and develop smart cities, and to implement digital production in all industries. After completing the programme, you can become a business analyst or consultant on the implementation of information systems in almost any field. NUST MISIS students actively participate in international contests. In November 2020, the university's team won a prize in the Cloud track of the annual Huawei ICT Competition.

It Education In Russia
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ITMO University prepares highly qualified specialists in many technical specialities. ITMO students and alumni win prizes in programming competitions regularly. For example, a university PhD student won the Google Code Jam World Championship in August 2020, and another ITMO graduate took home a prize.

One of the most popular programmes at the university is the bachelor's in Software Engineering. It produces technical specialists, qualified developers and architects of information and computing systems software, as well as software quality and development managers. A lot of attention in the curriculum is paid to neurotechnology and programming. Another interesting programme is Information systems and technologies. It focuses on the design, development, testing and operation of information technologies and systems. Also, ITMO University leads a Master's programme in Information Security, which is regularly listed among the best educational programmes of the university.

Many classical Russian universities have a strong technical background and successfully follow global IT-trend. They offer strong tech programmes in various degrees – bachelor to PhD.

For example, a bachelor's degree in Information Science and Computation Technology from the National Research University Higher School of Economics. This programme will give you a high level of education and an individual study trajectory. Students are faced with non-standard tasks in developing financial strategies and models, as well as in processing large amounts of information. Graduates of the programme will be able to work in leading financial companies and hedge funds. The St. Petersburg branch of the HSE University has also launched a new programme Data Analysis in Finance. Its goal is to enhance students' skills in mathematics, practical programming and machine learning.

The new interdisciplinary master's programme of HSE University in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics is a unique opportunity to become a mathematician and programmer in the innovative field of biological data analysis. The English-taught master's programme Data Analytics for Politics and Society aims to train a new generation of analysts and scientists in the field of data analysis and public administration, and combines project work and methodological practice.

Students of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, enrolled in the bachelor's programme in Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology will be able to study modern technologies for storing, processing and transmitting the information. Special attention is paid to disciplines of intelligent systems, image recognition and analysis, networks and telecommunication systems, process management of info-communications. The programme was based on the international recommendations of the IEEE Computing Curricula. The acquired knowledge will allow graduates to work as analysts, programmers, researchers, mathematical processing model developers, consultants in mathematical modelling and network administrators.

It Education In Russia
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Novosibirsk State University  invites students to enrol in the bachelor's programme in Mathematics and Computer Science and study coding theory, cryptography, cryptanalysis, parallel programming and theoretical computer science. The material is taught by NSU lecturers and scientists from European and American universities. Education takes place in the recently opened Mathematical Center of Akademgorodok with comfortable conditions for research and life.

The National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod offers another English-taught bachelor programme in Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology for training complex software developers. The university cooperates with leading scientific and IT companies like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, NVIDIA. This collaboration provides the university with innovative hardware and software. Lobachevsky University also actively cooperates with the University of Mannheim and the University of Duisberg-Essen (Germany).

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin offers several IT master's programmes. Practical Data Analysis is an English-language program for software developers and engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. This training is focused on the development of artificial intelligence systems and their launch into production. The Software Engineering programme is aimed at training specialists in system and software engineering following international scientific and professional standards. IT Innovations in Business is a unique multidisciplinary programme that will provide skills in project management, entrepreneurship, web development, data analysis, architecture and IT infrastructure for businesses.

South Ural State University (National Research University) has opened a new English-language bachelor's programme – Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems. Study key aspects of infocommunication technologies and communication systems, including the basics of programming and software development, radio electronic devices, Internet of Things technology, mobile networks, data mining and artificial intelligence. Graduates can go on to become professionals ready to face the challenges of efficient collection, transmission and processing of information.

As part of the English-taught programme Computer Science and Computing Engineering, students study key aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, including infrastructure design, the use of cloud and mobile technologies for developing solutions, collection methods and data analysis and aspects of IoT cybersecurity. Also, the university has a bachelor's and master's programme Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology. During the training, students master a large number of modern programming languages including C, C ++, C #, Java, Prolog, Ruby, Python, HTML, XML, SQL, UML, etc. Leading Russian and international specialists in the field of information technology engage with students during the educational process. Also to study parallel programming and supercomputer technologies students get access to the SUSU Supercomputer Modelling Laboratory. Many graduates of this programme go on to work at Yandex.

It Education In Russia
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National Research Tomsk State University offers several IT education programmes. Among them, an English-taught bachelor's degree course in Software Engineering. In their first year, students create their own computer game and move on, mastering data science, web development, information security and much more. Graduates of the programme become multidisciplinary highly qualified developers of software interfaces.

The university also has a master's programme in Big Data Mining and Data Science. One of the distinctive features of this English-taught programme is an individual approach to learning, which involves unique educational tracks, based on the interests of each student. Graduates go on to solve problems in promising areas of human activity at the intersection of computer, natural and social sciences. For example, early cancer diagnostics, value assessment of securities and cryptocurrencies, state monitoring of complex equipment and socio-political processes predictions.

Other TSU English-language master's programme is Information Technologies in Science and Professional Equipment Engineering. It's intended for specialists interested in research projects in the field of complex information systems and technologies. Students gain skills and knowledge in information security management based on modern computer and telecommunication technologies. They learn how to develop and use automated information systems and how to protect them.

University of Tyumen offers the bachelor's programme in Information and Computer Science, which provides the necessary theory and practice in the application software development. A significant advantage of this programme is that the future bachelors not only study different programming languages but also learn how to fulfil business needs of projects, create innovative IT solutions using modern development technologies, services and platforms. This programme also has a master's degree. The graduates gain wide career opportunities and accept jobs as business analysts, system architects, integration systems specialists and IT executives. Other tech programmes of UTMN include Applied Information Science, Information Security of Automated Systems, Computer Security and Software and Informational Systems Administration.

To find even more IT programs, use the helpful search on our website. Search by category Informatics and computer technologies, Information Security and Computer and information sciences.

If you would like to study in Russian, but you don't feel confident enough, apply to the preparatory department. You can find one in most Russian universities. In a year, you can sufficiently increase your level of proficiency and pass the entrance exams for the chosen programme.

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