Support of International Students

International students always get special treatment at Kazan Federal University. Through its International students adaptation unit well as other university units do their best to guarantee a comfortable stay at the dormitories for the students and provide them with an access to good-quality health and medical services. They also assist students in the matters of events management and information supply.  

Newly recruited students who have just arrived to Kazan have an opportunity to order transfer from the airport (1000 rubles) and railway stations (400 rubles). Their compatriots already studying at KFU as well as student activists can guide them in all the procedures necessary for their further enrollment and registration at the university. International students are advised on the matters of registration with the Migration Service and medical insurance obtaining.

KFU International students adaptation unit:

  • organizes and manages cultural, sporting and academic activities;
  • organizes special museum excursions and tours at the university, as well as in Kazan and Tatarstan;
  • cooperates with non-governmental student organizations and associations;
  • provides information about Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan and KFU;
  • collaborates with non-governmental international student associations of other universities in Kazan and other Russian cities;
  • promotes the activity of various language clubs, including Russian language club;  
  • advises students on job and recruitment matters.   

Everyday Life of International Students

KFU is able to provide each and every student with the accommodation at its dormitories. 20 new houses specially erected for the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan (2013) became part of the University campus in 2010.

KFU first-year students are free to choose a room in any of its thirty comfortable and fully-equipped dormitories. In the campus you will also find sports halls and study rooms, art studios and driving training school as well as the canteen, post office, bank, cafes, sports equipment rental, tailor house, etc. Special tutors and assistants are always there to help with the adaptation. It is worth mentioning that different events are held every week.

Leisure and Sport Events

Each year a great lot of festivals organized by international students take place at KFU. The most special ones among them are International Students Festival, Nowruz Celebration Day, International first-year students festival, Christmas Day, etc. Usually these celebrations include gala concerts, sport competitions and round table discussions.

Kazan is rightfully considered to be a city of sports. Major international sporting events are held frequently here. 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan back in 2013 became a landmark and attracted the participation of a number of KFU international students.

In 2017 Kazan witnessed the matches of such prominent tournaments as FIFA Confederations Cup and CEV U18 Beach Volleyball European Championship. In 2018 some matches of the FIFA World Cup took place here. Kazan was granted the right to host the 45th WorldSkills Competition. The event will take place on 22 – 27 August 2019.