Academic Staff

Alexey Abrikosov Nobel Prize winner (2003). His main discoveries were made in the sphere of physics of condensed media.
Vitaly Ginsburg Nobel Prize winner (2003). Author of the quantum theory of the Vavilov-Cherenkov effect and Cherenkov radiation theory.
Pyotr Kapitsa Nobel Prize winner (1978). Discovered the superfluidity of fluid helium phenomenon.
Lev Landau Founder of an academic school, author of the fundamental textbook Course in Theoretical Physics. Nobel Prize winner (1962), awarded for breakthrough research on liquid helium.
Alexander Prokhorov Nobel Prize winner (1964). Conducted pioneering research in quantum electronics; one of the inventors of laser technologies.
Andrei Sakharov Nobel Prize winner (1975). Took part in creating the first Soviet hydrogen bomb. Human rights activist and public figure.
Igor Tamm Nobel Prize Winner (1958). Developed a method of quantum field theory solution, the Tamm-Dankov method, jointly with Andrey Sakharov developed plasma retention principles.
Nikolay Semenov The only Soviet Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry (1956). Basic scientific achievements include the quantitative theory of chemical chain reactions, theory of thermal explosion and gaseous mixture combustion.