Газрын зураг дээр үзэх

Байгуулсан он: 1951

Нийт оюутан: 7 561 / Гадаад оюутан: 1 088

Тэнхим, багш нарын бүлэг: 12 / Тэнхим: 130

Тэнхим, багш нарын бүлэг: 2 069

Профессор276 Туслах профессор271 Шинжлэх ухааны доктор598 Аспирантур879 Гадаад багш52

Боломжит гадаад оюутанд зориулсан боловсролын гол хөтөлбөр: 61

Бакалаврын хөтөлбөр28 Магистрын хөтөлбөр33

Боломжит элсэгч гадаад оюутанд зориулсан нэмэлт боловсролын хөтөлбөр: 4

Гадаад хэл- Орос хэл 2 Бусад хөтөлбөр 2

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) (MIPT) known informally as Phystech, is a leading Russian university which trains specialists in theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics and related disciplines. Most of its buildings are in Dolgoprudny (5 km away from Moscow). Some buildings are located in Zhukovsky (40 km away from Moscow) and in the capital itself. 

MIPT’s so-called “Phystech System” is a unique tradition, an educational legacy, aimed at preparing highly qualified specialists, who are worldwide demanded in key fields of science.

Pyotr Kapitsa, Nobel laureate in physics and one of the founding fathers of MIPT, in 1946 outlined the following basic principles of the Phystech System:

  • Leading scientists from key institutions (such as universities, research centers and commercial knowledge-based organization where students do research and write their theses) shall be involved in student education using the high-tech equipment of these institutions.
  • Training in key institutions implies an individual approach to each student.
  • Each second-third year student shall be involved in scientific work.
  • Upon graduation, students shall be able to apply contemporary methods of theoretical and experimental research and possess ample engineering knowledge to efficiently meet relevant technical challenges.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is organised into 6 Phystech Schools. Currently, most of the student’s study within the field of study “Applied Mathematics and Physics”, at the same time many are trained within “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”, “Informatics and Computer Engineering”, “Cyber Security”, “System Analysis and Control”, “Technical Physics” and “Biotechnology”. 

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – is a leading Russian technological university, as evidenced not only by achievements of its scientists and alumni, but also by high position in national and international rankings. According to Times Higher Education (THE) и Quaсquarelli Symonds (QS) world university rankings, MIPT ranks first among Russian technological universities. Times Higher Education rates MIPT as one of the 50 best universities in the world in Natural Sciences and 100 best in Computer Science and holds a leading position in these areas in Russia. MIPT is also a leader of 5-100 project, aimed at consolidating the credibility of Russian higher education worldwide.

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