Preparatory Department for International Applicants

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The Russian Language and General Subjects (Preparatory) Department was established in 1960 and has since been a leading center for foreign nationals in Russia to prepare for university programs, both in Russian and general subjects. Our Preparatory Department in particular has created, developed, and improved the Russian as a Foreign Language teaching methods which are now widely used in Russia and abroad. Within one year, foreign nationals usually master Russian so as to be able to communicate in Russia and other countries, using Russian as a bridge, and also to study our programs together with native speakers. Preparatory Department teachers develop innovative teaching technologies, including those using multimedia, and successfully apply these technologies to teach Russian.

The Preparatory Department curriculum is intended for applicants to graduate programs at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia or other Russian universities, or to Master's, PhD or residence trainee programs taught in Russian - engineering, natural sciences, medicine and biology, economics, or humanities. Depending on the profile chosen by an applicant, in addition to Russian, the Preparatory Department curriculum includes general subjects.

At the Preparatory Department classes in Russian have 8 to 10 persons and other classes have 16 to 20 individuals.

The study term is either 1 academic year (2 semesters) or 1.5 academic years (3 semesters). Upon completion of the Preparatory Department and successful testing, students may continue their education at departments and colleges of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.