Газрын зураг дээр үзэх

Байгуулсан он: 1916

Нийт оюутан: 26 125 / Гадаад оюутан: 1 064

Тэнхим, багш нарын бүлэг: 11 / Тэнхим: 250

Тэнхим, багш нарын бүлэг: 1 330

Профессор190 Туслах профессор645 Шинжлэх ухааны доктор273 Аспирантур856 Гадаад багш4

Боломжит гадаад оюутанд зориулсан боловсролын гол хөтөлбөр: 372

Бакалаврын хөтөлбөр135 Магистрын хөтөлбөр150 Специалитетийн хөтөлбөр19 Хамгийн өндөр мэргэшсэн боловсон хүчин бэлтгэх68

Боломжит элсэгч гадаад оюутанд зориулсан нэмэлт боловсролын хөтөлбөр: 17

Их сургуулийн өмнөх сургалтын хөтөлбөр 2 Гадаад хэл- Орос хэл 10 Богино хугацааны сургалт 3 Бусад хөтөлбөр 2
  • Megagrants under supervision of leading researchers: 7
  • International laboratories and research centres: 27
  • Supercomputer "Lobachevsky" (the 24th Among the World's University-based Supercomputers): 1
  • Patents: 64
  • Small innovative enterprises: 23
  • Media Centre: 1
  • Research Botanical Garden: 1
  • Student summer camp/resort: 2

National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod is a top Russian higher education centre providing thorough training in the best Russian academic traditions. The university has had the status of research centre since 2009.

Lobachevsky University’s distinctive feature is high quality of education and affordable tuition fees. It offers a large range of education programmes and modes of study, as well as scholarships and grant programmes.

UNN won recognition worldwide. It is a member of the European University Association (EUA) and the Deans European Academic Network (DEAN) Executive Committee. It was listed in the top 100 100 BRICS education centres in QS Rankings 2013-2015.

UNN offers English medium programmes in the following fields:

Bachelor’s degree: 

  • Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology
  • Economics
  • International Relations

Master’s degree:

  • Management

In 2014, the University launched a state-of-the-art Lobachevsky computational cluster ranking 24th among the world’s supercomputers. In 2015, it opened the SPF Vivarium , the third in Russia, to conduct research in schizophrenia, epilepsy, and Altzheimer’s disease. In 2017, UNN launched the Center for Innovative Development of Medical Instrument Engineering featuring full design and marketing of competitive high-tech domestic products. The Centre is tasked with consolidating the research, clinical and education tracks.

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